Counseling Services Offered

Family Therapy

Families sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by unforeseen circumstances or blindsided by changes in a family member. Meeting with the whole family can identify problematic relational patterns which can then be addressed.  Occasionally, a few tweaks to family boundaries brings relief.

Medical Family Therapy

Families experiencing a medical event may benefit from the support of a therapist with specialized training. Regardless of who has been diagnosed, every family member is affected and each may react differently. Medical family therapy provides a safe, hopeful place to examine how family members are feeling, how they are coping, and how best to support one another through difficult circumstances.

Couples Counseling (Marriage Counseling)

Relationships change over time. Having kids can limit opportunities for passion, resentments can accumulate, and over time, intimacy can be lost. Couples counseling can provide opportunities to learn new ways to communicate, rebuild trust and rediscover your former connection. Even relationships shredded by infidelity can be remade.

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling provides you with a chance to focus on your internal emotional world. Past hurts that still cause you pain, grief, self-esteem issues, anxiety and discontent can be addressed in individual sessions. In addition, individual therapy can help relieve some relationship problems by helping you examine your role in the conflict.

Pre-Marital Counseling

In order to help you begin your marriage with tools for effective communication and understanding, a ten session pre-marital counseling package is available at a special discounted rate. Discussing topics that commonly cause misunderstanding and conflict can help you avoid common difficulties.