Counseling Services Offered

Couples Counseling (Marriage Counseling)

Marriage can feel lonely, your spouse may feel more like a roommate than a lover or you may feel like you fight more than you talk. Sometimes a betrayal threatens the future of the marriage. Factors like money, stress, parenting, communication, emotional distance, and conflict can contribute to relational dissatisfaction.

The good news is divorce is not inevitable! Even relationships shredded by infidelity can be remade better than ever. Communication can be restored and hurtful behavior patterns can change. Together we will identify your goals and develop a plan as quickly as possible. A free 15 minute consultation is available; schedule yours by calling (480) 648-8183 or

Typical Family Therapy

Families sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by unforeseen circumstances or blindsided by changes in a family member. Meeting with the whole family can identify problematic relational patterns which can then be addressed.  Occasionally, a few tweaks to family boundaries brings relief.

Medical Family Therapy

Have you or a loved one received a devastating diagnosis? Is your family struggling with special need? Are you questioning your faith or God’s goodness in the face of despair, impending death or disability? Are you rebelling against the labels that come with a diagnosis?

Families experiencing a special need or medical event may benefit from the support of a therapist with specialized training. Regardless of who has been diagnosed, every family member is affected and each reacts differently. Medical family therapy provides a safe, hopeful place to examine feelings, coping, and sources of support.

My family and I have fought through the changes associated with a devastating diagnosis and worsening symptoms. I can assist your family to discuss the impact of the diagnosis and see your situation from another perspective. We can strategize ways to minimize the impact of a medical diagnosis and maximize your strengths. Call me at (480) 648-8183 or for a free 15 minute consultation.

Individual Therapy

Did you enter marriage with a desire to be a biblically submissive wife and now find yourself feeling lonely in your marriage, more like a roommate than a wife? Do you feel like you’re alone in parenting your children? Do you desire to be cherished and intimately understood by your husband, but feel disconnected and lonely?

As a pastor and a licensed marriage and family therapist, I can help you explore your current circumstances, examine your values and role in the conflict, then make changes that produce better communication and boundaries with your husband. In sessions alone or with your husband, we can identify and implement changes that help move your relationship from feeling lonely to connected and fulfilling. Call me at (480) 648-8183 or to schedule your appointment.

Pre-Marital Counseling

In order to help you begin your marriage with tools for effective communication and understanding, a ten session pre-marital counseling package is available at a special discounted rate. Discussing topics that commonly cause misunderstanding and conflict can help you avoid common difficulties.