About Rachel Lingle, MSMFT, LAMFT

I understand how hard marriage and child raising can be! I’ve experienced the disappointment and loneliness of being emotionally disconnected from a spouse for a period of time; I’ve been through the frustration of feeling like a parenting failure! I’ve been married to the same guy for several decades now. Together, we’ve navigated some tough life changes, raised three daughters, had lots of fun, frustration, excitement, misunderstanding, happiness, sadness, and joy.

One of the challenges my family has experienced is life with a chronic illness.  I received a potentially life altering diagnosis in my 20s and, over the years, have come to use a wheelchair. My faith was tested and stretched through the changes and my entire family continues to be impacted by my condition. The experience allows me to deeply connect with others affected by a medical diagnosis.

I am a licensed minister and a licensed associate marriage and family therapist who works with adults, pre-adolescents and teens. I assist clients to recognize disruptive patterns and develop plans for change that can help them to live happier, more fulfilling, content lives by decreasing negative thoughts and behaviors and increasing overall functioning. I provide a safe place for individuals, couples and families to process past hurts with no judgement.

I believe God designed us for relationship and I focus on your strengths as I assist you to apply truth to your current life circumstances. My goal is to walk with you through the process of changing loneliness and dissatisfaction into hope, peace and contentment. I counsel from a biblical and systemic perspective using modalities like Structural Family Therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. My clinical experience includes helping with a variety of couples, family and individual issues, including anxiety, depression, substance use, relational conflict, and grief & loss.

I earned my Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Medical Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary after receiving a BA in Psychology with a minor in Family & Human Development from Arizona State University. I am certain of God’s call into the ministry and into the counseling profession after a period of time as a homeschooling mom and a career in accounting.